Windows and Doors

We install a wide range of windows and doors many of which are not listed here.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any design you may have in mind.

As standard all of our frames are fully reinforced , internally glazed, and can be safety glazed where required.

Doors can be fitted with with low thresholds to allow for wheelchair access, restricters to stop wind damage, and keypad access, this is usually used in sheltered housing accommodation or commercial property.

Door fascia cladding and bevelled glass

This Rosewood door has been installed in the Bolton area. This particular doorway incorporates cladding work where both the fascias and the cladding have been replaced with the same colour and graining as the door itself. Safety glass is fitted as standard in the panel and side unit. All doors come with a set of three keys. The panel in this door incorporates a bevelled glass design which adds to the character and style of the door.

Door panel designs

Door panels come in all shapes and sizes, and in the picture on the right are a few panels from our brochure that are based on original timber designs. Should you require any information regarding these please contact us.

Flag frames

Flag frames are an ideal solution for dimly lit areas such as kitchens or utility rooms. We join our frames with a coupling strip to hide the joint and All frames directly placed next to each other are glazed with safety glass.

Side Panels

Any door can be made with side panels to any size and shape. These are particularly suitable if they are going on a wide porch. The picture on the right has matching side and door panels which makes a considerable difference to the incoming sunlight and overall look of the front of your home.

Shaped frames

Both window and door frames can come in all shapes and sizes, square, round, triangular, arched and gothic. All these are available on request from Allan Lever UPVC Installations. The glass in this door combination is also Diamond leaded which is matching up to the windows in the rest of the house.

Work in progress

This is an installation which was carried out at some local offices. The criteria set by the owners was that work in the building must continue whilst the major job of window replacement was done. Everybody was happy at the end of the job and there was no 'down time' involved for the customer.

Please contact us if you want to find out more

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