Bay Windows

Bays and Extensions

This job included the building of the extension before any windows were installed.

Allan Lever UPVC installations built the extension and then installed the windows.

The slate feature under the windows was also undertaken by Allan Lever Installations.

Bay Convert

We also convert flat windows into bay windows. This can give your house added character and also allow in more natural light.

The window pictured is a bay conversion, it took a day to complete and this included the fitting of new window boards.

We provide a full planning and fitting service including the installation of a new roof where necessary. All work is carried out by our own staff.

Bay Conversions

Pictured here are two conversions which were carried out by Allan Lever UPVC Installations. No new roofing was required but a significant amount of internal work was required to suspend the bay in the air.

As you can see in the picture there are no unsightly brackets under either window.

The feature brickwork under this window was also carried out by Allan Lever UPVC installations.

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